How it works

The Crusher is extremely easy to use. Battery-powered, it can be operated anywhere, indoors or outdoors. The Crusher comes with an intuitive, easy-to-use interface that puts YOU in control: by setting pitching speeds and pitch-types. The all-inclusive mobile application lets you store your stats permanently, so you can watch as you improve.

Why it works

There are a number of scientifically-proven reasons why The Crusher works so well, including:

The Crusher helps build strength:

The Crusher’s strike zone -- the area where the bat makes impact -- is made from a special polyurethane, high-endurance rubber. Behind this 6” of material are 20 high-tensile springs, evenly divided behind each target, and scientifically calculated to ensure precision.

Once the special Crusher bat hits a target, it bounces back from the massive kickback generated by the machine. This allows you to start building "concentrated energy" -- that once released in a real game, will yield consistent, explosive power, and better hitting.

Also adding to the intense kickback mechanism is an additional, giant rectangle-shaped spring directly below the top portion of the unit -- which only quickens your development of concentrated, explosive energy.


The Crusher develops improved accuracy:

The targets and routines programmed into The Crusher are designed to challenge you, while helping to rapidly enhance batters’ accuracy. Different color targets (“pitches”) light up, to help you stay focused on the target you’re supposed to hit (which is always the white light).

The different colors aim to distract batters, and help build radically-improved concentration, plate discipline, strike zone judgment -- and most importantly -- accuracy. .

The mechanisms described above are included in all five (5) models of The Crusher.

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